Driving home for Christmas


“Time flies by” – especially when you enjoy your time. So for us the time at the WBCSD summit in Paris 2015 flew by and after four days at the Mariott Hotel we made our way back to the rain washed Lancaster. We were all looking back smiling but with tears in our eyes – it was just a short but very intense time in Paris where we met a lot of new people we would like to meet again. Everyone of us had different expectations and gained different experiences but each of us definitely has some unique invaluable memories to take home when we’re driving home to our  home countries.

On our last day we all got a special surprise from the WBCSD for our help during the past days, what we really did not expect as we were the ones to be thankful for the experience we could gain. It was great to realise that even CEOs and leaders of international companies were people like you and me and were happy to talk to students like us. We had the chance to listen to motivating speeches from great people like Al Gore and H.E. Ban ki-moon and could get an insight into the work that is done to turn Vision 2050 into Action 2020.

After those great, exciting days we’re now heading home for Christmas, filled with motivation engagement and expectations, ready to change tomorrow!


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