The Call to Action: WBCSD Council Meeting Officially Commences

5am wake up. 17 hour day. Plenary sessions. Cluster Groups. Great Food. Al Gore. Ban Ki-Moon. Panel discussions. Unexpected poem.


Today has felt like 3 days in one there has been so much happening. From arrival to departure at the conference centre there was always something to do or someone to talk to. The calibre of people we have been surrounded with all day is just amazing, and to some extent makes me feel like I don’t know much at all, but then I remember they are people just like me (with some more business experience though). For me it isn’t about who they are and that they may be an important CEO. For me it is all about what they do, what they are using their position for and what they are implementing in their company to move towards a low-carbon future. This was definitely a theme that was highlighted throughout every event today. From a few hundred listening to one guest speaker, or a handful having cluster group discussions. The people we were surrounded by want to make a difference, they want to use their power in the position they hold in their company to change the world. And it also became clear that these executives didn’t want any more talk, they want action and tangible solutions that their businesses can be implementing. These were both emphasised by key note speakers Al Gore and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, as well as all of the panel discussions that were run in the morning. And to make this happen the key solution was collaboration, particularly between private and public sectors. The solution was made clear that business need to do what they can to support the government, and that the government need to do what they can to support business, in achieving a low-carbon society.


Day 3 should hold some even more exciting moments and themes of sustainability and the move to a low-carbon world as we are able to observe the smaller group discussions. So keep your eye out for the next exciting update!

#EarthToParis #NowNotTomorrow #ClimateAction #WBCSD


Written by: Victoria Wood


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