A Big Thank-You to the Careers and Employability Team!

When we approached our Careers Team to ask for help with improving and writing our CV’s they were only too happy to assist. Not only were they pleased to run a bespoke session just for us, the Careers and Employability Team have provided some financial support to send us to Paris. So we owe a big THANK-YOU to Louise Briggs, the Head of LUMS Careers for supporting our endeavour and Rory Daly, the Placement and Internship Manager, for running a very informative CV session.

To place this into context Dr Rodney Irwin, from the WBCSD, was keen to encourage all of us to get the most out of our time in Paris. He wanted to ensure that where possible our interests could be aligned to the sessions that we are going to act as hosts and note takers for. We were all keen to showcase our research interests and Rory provided us with some useful tips on how to transform our industry CV’s into ones that were more research focused.


CV Workshop
Working on a Friday Night with Rory!

From talking to Rory and each other it soon became apparent that we held diverse interests and work experience ranging from forest management to  resource management – see below:

Alexia – “I am interested in forest management, as it is key to global sustainability. I believe that forests meet many different needs and it is vital that we find a balance between conservation of forests to retain biodiversity and the demand for the land usage.”

Ferdinand – “I have relevant research experience in financing solutions for sustainable development and a strong interest in the renewable energy sector and the social impact of sustainable lifestyles.”

Miriam – “My curiosity is on projects concerning renewable energies, sustainable lifestyles and cities as well as the management of our resources. She believes that the growing instability of our planet’s ecological system poses an existential threat to humanity and believes that it is her generation task to drive sustainable business forward.”

Celia – “I am particularly interested in the field of consumer behaviour and how it can be managed in relation to sustainable practices, especially through the implementation of Marketing techniques. Similarly interested in the preservation of forests and landscapes in general, and the effect this might have on doing business as usual.”

Veronika – “Ecosystems and landscape management, especially in respect of forests, biodiversity and agriculture, as well as technology fascinate me”

Victoria – “I am passionate about law and the environment. My work experience in an energy company has given me an insight and interest in the energy market and how this can be made to be sustainable. This work experience and learning about corporate law has also sparked an interest in the role corporate social responsibility has to play in moving towards a sustainable world. As a law major, I understand the potential of how international law can make a positive impact in the way countries and corporations act, to significantly improve in this area.”

Xiaoyu “A highly motivated, multilingual student who has work and research interests in renewable energy industry and had relevant knowledge about metal market.”

Jan-Oliver “Career and further academic ambitions lie in the field of international relations, social and political work, corporate social responsibility and mobility.”

We only have to wait until Sunday to find out which sessions we have been allocated to act as session hosts.  We submitted our CV’s to the WBCSD!! and are all feeling excited.

Remember our trip starts on SATURDAY!!! So please keep following our updates!!

Finally, we did not want to finish our post without acknowledging a  THANK-YOU to all our sponsors and financial supporters. Due to the recent events that took place in Paris we did not feel it appropriate to write a  celebratory blog thanking everyone. So we decided to save the BIG BIG THANK-YOU for when we return as we would like to write a special message to all those who are and have made this trip possible.




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