Hello! Guten Tag! Ciao! nǐ hǎo! Hola! from the Lancaster University COP21 Team

Get to know the personalities behind the students attending the WBCSD Meeting in Paris

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Hello! Guten Tag! Ciao!  nǐ hǎo! Hola! We are the 8 students who have been selected to travel to Paris in December for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development Meeting, as part of COP21 and the UN Conference on Climate Change. We are all so grateful for the opportunity that lies before us and can’t wait for the experience we will have and what we will learn from it. We are 8 very different people, from 5 nations but with one commonality, we want to know how businesses manage the issue of sustainability. The fact we are from 5 different nations also shows how global the issue of sustainability and sustainable business is. We cannot wait to see how an international event such as COP21 and the WBCSD meeting will impact business around the world in the area of sustainability. We would also like to acknowledge the fact that students don’t regularly attend events like this and as such makes it something incredibly significant not only for us but for Lancaster University and WBCSD. Over the next few weeks we will introduce ourselves in more depth but for now we hope you enjoy getting to know us and we hope you will travel with us through this exciting journey.

(The A Team hard at work getting to know Vision 2050 and organising their class presentation)
(The Team hard at work getting to know Vision 2050 and organising their class presentation)

Victoria Wood:

Hi. I’m Victoria. I’m from Adelaide, Australia. I’m studying a double degree of Bachelor of Law; Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) and am coming to the end of my third year at University. Before arriving in Lancaster a lecturer in Adelaide told my class to take every opportunity that presented itself because you never know where it will take you. This was the biggest motivation I had behind applying to participate in this conference. But I’m also very interested in the energy markets and am passionate about moving away from the use of fossil fuels to sustainable, close looped energy sources and systems. To be able to participate in the WBCSD meeting in Paris is an incredible opportunity for me to see business working towards this goal.

Ferdinand Weiler:

I am in my penultimate year of concurrently pursuing two degrees at ESB Business School (Germany) and Lancaster University Management School. With a strong interest in entrepreneurship I am looking forward to getting insight into which opportunities arise and which challenges are faced in a more towards sustainability evolving business world. Deeply believing that a more foreseeing approach has to be integrated in today’s business models I am interested in how representatives of the most influential companies get down to discussing hands on solutions to the problems we are facing. Having engaged in a number of United Nation simulations I am also particular interested in the interaction between COP 21 and side events like the WBCSD meeting.

Jan-Oliver Distler:

My name is Jan-Oliver Distler and I am a second year European BBA Student at Lancaster University. I have been interested and engaged in politics back in Germany and have, amongst other things, been fighting for the implementation of environmental policies. In addition, I am an executive member of the Model United Nations Society and have attended several international Model UN conferences; I am very excited to have the opportunity to attend an actual UN conference.

Xiaoyu Chen:

My name is Xiaoyu Chen and I am currently a second year student of BA Management & Organization (HRM) at Lancaster University. Personally I am very interested in analysing the relationships between business and society with regard to social areas such as CSR and any ethical issues. I was a member of the Business and Sustainable Development society in Lancaster University. In terms of WBCSD conference and its Vision 2050, I would like to put my main focuses on developments and solutions within agricultural and economic sections, especially relevant main global concerns like food-shortage, food-wastage, as well as government’s fiscal policies and regulations on corporations.

Miriam Luft:

My name is Miriam Luft I’m studying international Management in a double degree programme at the Lancaster University as well as at the ESB Reutlingen in Germany. My main interest in Management studies is in Project management and therefore I’m very happy to get the chance to attend the UN climate conference to see where possible future projects based on sustainable management will be needed. So far I’ve engaged as project leader in two projects concerning the energy household and energetic evaluation models at public schools.

My hope for this conference is to take as many action lines as possible in how to make our economy more sustainable and stabile.

Celia Iordache:

My name is Celia Iordache and I am currently a fourth year European BBA student at Lancaster University, having studied half of my degree in Spain. I have always been very interested in environmental topics and especially on how us as citizens and business could work on improving the planet. At school, I was involved in a few MUN debate models and now at university I am a part of the Green Lancaster society. I am even writing my final year dissertation on sustainability, so I really think I have a lot to gain from this experience, from attending a real UN conference to listening to the views of major game-changers on the sustainability field.

Veronika Wiesner:

Hey! I’m Veronika Wiesner and I am a third-year student in the four-year BBA European Management Programme. I’ve passed the first two years of my studies in Germany.

As CSR (corporate social responsibility) has become a controversial buzzword, I am keen to understand firms’ attempts to make a scalable impact on the world’s green development. I am also interested in how the problem of deforestation will be tackled and how more than 9 billion people by 2050 will be fed.

Finally, after having had a three-day Model United Nations experience during my school time, I am really delighted to experience a real United Nations conference.

Aleixa Petricu:

My name is Alexia Louise Petricu and I am currently on the fourth year of European Management (Euro BBA). I have studied two years in Italy and I am now concluding my four-year course at Lancaster University.

Everything related to environment, climate change, respect for the Earth and the relevance in sensitising people around these topics has always deeply interested me.  This is why I am in the Lancaster University Environment Society and I will take part in the Lancaster Climate Carnival at the end of this month, as opportunities that bring together people who truly care about the planet. Also as I am studying Management I am really interested in understanding how business tries to manage sustainability.
This is why I am absolutely thrilled to take part in COP21. It represents a great opportunity to see the attempts of more than 190 countries to reach a global consensus, put into practice the word ‘sustainability’ and finally make a difference.

(Two members of the Team being interviewed for SCAN, the Lancaster University Student paper)
(Two members of the Team being interviewed
for SCAN, the Lancaster University Student paper)

Written by Xiaoyu Chen, Jan-Oliver Distler, Celia Iordache, Miriam Luft,  Alexia Petricu, Ferdinand Weiler, Veronika Wiesner, Victoria Wood


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